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It’s Been Awhile!

Hi!! So, I procrastinated from this project for a very wide variety of excuses. The biggest one was that I wanted to blog our before and after pictures for the house.

Well… the time has come!! I am currently compiling our before photos and our after photos, and setting them up in a cute slideshow so that you can see all the work on the house in the past year.

But… while waiting for that milestone, what else happened? Here’s a quick list, but I want to write about all of these and more!


  • We Moved in!
  • We learned how to maintain a lawn & garden!
  • Did makeup on lots of webseries & photoshoots!
  • Kev played in Country Nation Gigs all around Southern California!
  • Norah Jones & Florence + the Machine at the Hollywood Bowl
  • Adventures on LA metro buses
  • Wild Maps shows
  • Richie West Band recording
  • ShoeDazzle Softball Games  game
  • Sarah’s mom visited!!
  • Joined a gym, & biked to USC
  • Many many business trips and scientific research for SCEC!
  • Grad school classes!
  • Sam & Stephanie’s 1 year Anniversary!
  • Kevin’s Mom’s Bday Party, with Live music!
  • Kevin’s Dad’s Party that was not particularly about his Birthday but happened to be on the same weekend!
  • Sarah starts doing karaoke with her Dazzling Cooworkers!
  • Nate Miller Album Release Show!
  • Kevin’s Pedal Steel on KCRW!! (thanks Jalinda!)
  • Jalinda’s Album Release Show!
  • First Circuit EP was printed!
  • Annual Jenga Game at Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara!
  • First Circuit went on tour! To Texas and back!
  • Sarah did makeup on the gameshow LoveSong!
  • Micah painted surprise paintings!
  • Nate and Andrea got engaged!!!
  • I started a garden with cilantro!
  • Nate and Andrea asked to use our backyard!
  • I tried to rent a belt sander!
  • Jessica Erin lived in our guest house!
  • Jeremy gutted our deck!
  • Sarah and Natalie find seven Santas (well, 5 Santas, an elf, and a menorah) at a Hollywood bar!
  • Kevin and I went to Maryland for Xmas, Indiana for a wedding, and NASHVILLE!!!
  • Kevin and I LOVE NASHVILLE!!!!
  • Jessica moved back to Nashville!
  • January is dedicated 100% to our deck!
  • We pay someone to take away all the trimmed garden overgrowth… and there are bricks underneath!!! Beautiful vintage bricks!
  • Kevin Built a Deck!
  • Nate and Andrea got married! And we danced on our deck!!!!!
  • Jessica moved back to LA!
  • We got an awesome renter for the spare room, the Dazzling Fahtima!
  • Jesi moves back in too!
  • Sarah’s Dad visited for NAMM! And I made him build a table!
  • Adam comes over for a jam and some pancakes!
  • Sarah auditions for and lands LBSC’s The Winter’s Tale! And for an Olive Garden Commercial!
  • Sarah performs Shakespeare! You can kind of get what’s going on!
  • Kevin is paid to play pedal steel while people line dance! And he’s AWESOME at it!
  • Sarah is promoted to VIP Concierge at ShoeDazzle!
  • Khalia is 25!
  • Chris & Krissy got married too!
  • …. And we’re back to learning how to mow the lawn.

You know… I don’t know if I can do any blog entries that will do these fun events justice, not this late. But hopefully you feel a little more up to speed.


Next up: House Pictures!!

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