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Paint Planning

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!

We finally got approval for the sale!! We’ve signed paperwork and are days away from closing. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!!!!!!! When we went to sign papers at escrow, we walked over to the Bank Of America next door to take out a cashier’s check for our remaining part of the down payment. It was an interesting moment I hope I remember forever, walking through a Cerritos mall parking lot with $xx,xxx.xx in our hands. So much in one piece of paper!!! I’m so glad we made across that perfectly safe and well lit parking lot. Lol.

Kev and I have been trying so hard to guard our hearts in this process, because we’ve been wanting this house for over three months now, and at many many times its looked like we were not going to get it at all. Oh the joys of short sales! At this point, with the funding currently processing (yayyyyyy)… hearts aren’t very guarded anymore. I’m in design planning mode.

After lots of debate and lots of consideration for many points of view… we’ve decided that repainting the interiors is the first priority. Moving belongings in is second. This motivates us to clean, spackle, repair, scrub, prime, and paint the whole interior. My dad aptly called the plan out for it’s true purpose, though. “Sounds like a dog peeing on his territory.” Yes, pops, that is the blunt version of why I want to repaint 7+ rooms ceilings and trim. With organization and planning, I think it is very possible! And it’ll feel soooooo goooooood.

Here are some photos of how we’ve been able to prep and plan before the big paint job.

This is a rudimentary map of all the measurements I could get when we we last their for the first round of inspections. While Kevin was playing nice with the agents and inspectors, I was running around like a fiend with measuring tape. Messy, I know, but this wasn’t how I recorded the numbers. I wrote down everything in inches, and then drew this map to do the math.


Here are the color inspiration palettes I’ve pulled. There are one or two for each room, and I’d like to laminate these and put them on a D-ring so that I can have the palettes with me wherever I go to buy decorations. For now they’re in the trusty blue home binder. From the paint measurements and the budget we have, knowing that we want to prime and paint 4 ceilings, 7 rooms, 2 halls and 19 windows, I whittled all those diagrams and design inspirations down to a shopping list for Sherwin Williams. We are going to paint three rooms with bold colors, all the others with a neutral taupe white, and all the trim with a brighter white. Here’s the resulting shopping list from the previous planning.


I’m so happy that all those inches are now (hopefully) accurate paint estimates. Especially because today we bought the paint! It’d uncolored (in case it all falls through tomorrow, we can return the paint bases) and it’s being stored in an L.A. friend’s shed (hauling 40 gallons!!!! to Laguna Beach, I think not). When the job is moments away we’ll get the final painting tools, brushes, and drop cloths.

We needed to test the whites, and also test two choices for the brick terracotta red I want for the dining room. Per Kevin’s Grandy’s suggestion (thank you Shirley Wall!) we painted boards from Home Depot with big sections of the paint, so that we could test run colors before the big paint job. Here are the boards:



The color on the upper left side, totally hidden by shade in my bad picture, is the “Red Coin” that we decided on for the dining room. I love the idea of a formal dining room and I love reds and oranges and terracotta rooftops… but anything too terracotta looked pink in direct sunlight and Kevin woudn’t have that (me neither). I’m glad it doesn’t look to dark in a bigger swatch!!


These have “Swiss Coffee” “Greek Villa” and “White Heron”… we decided that these are WAYYYYYY too white for all our walls, so we are back to the drawing board for a new “white.” The design seed color swatches are soooooo helpful with choosing white, because I can have all the undertones together in front of me, so I hopefully won’t choose a white that is too lavender and clashes with the oranges, yellows, teals, and browns that dominate the main color schemes. Also, we originally wanted a yellowy “Camembert” white, but comparing that to the swatches and the Behr color testing program, as pretty as it is it’s just way to yellow and sunny for most of the colors and in-built design needs. Neutral safe burlap sandy taupe white is the family we need… so the whites are mostly narrowed down! Here is the collection of new swatches for taupey whites round two:


Just my luck, the flash makes everything look blue!!! Lol as pretty as blue is, it would clash too much and bring the overall tone down to too much of a cool somber vibe. I chose these colors because I want the house to feel bright and alive but still harmonious and soothing. So, brights and whites that complement each other, that move from super warm to slightly cooler and more soothing, but not too much.

I love colors. Seriously.

We are blessed to have the help & wisdom of a Santa Barbara Milner family friend (yay Mr. Greg Afman!!!!) who is a contract painter on one to two days, but we’ll be the main brute force behind this epic 5 -6 day job. I’m really excited actually!! I am off to research DIY “cutting in” strategies, trim painting, and other awesome blogger’s tips. Ciao et Bella Noche! :-).


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