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Catching Moths

I’m watching Kevin and his dad trying to catch a moth. There are hundreds of what we believe to be oak moths flying around the three huge oak trees behind Kevin’s parents home in Santa Barbara, CA. They want to confirm whether or not these moths are going to hurt the trees, hence the moth-chasing. We’re up here visiting for the weekend to relax from the work week and the house stuff. It sounds like more action has happened on the part of the bank. Hopefully we’ll have a definitive physical letter of approval in our hands next week. We’ve heard this letter now exists but I’m nervous to get too excited until we have the letter in hand.

Kevin’s family has a beautiful backyard in a beautiful neighborhood in a beautiful city. Anyone familiar with Santa Barbara, CA, knows what I mean. We just enjoyed burgers outside on, there have been many ping pong games, and I’ve enjoyed watching this bold little hummingbird just go to town on the pink snapdragons and yellow lilies here. Hummingbirds really do hum, like they’re moving with futuristic jet packs. It makes me want to garden.

Kevin and I have definitely gotten used to the commute and the work schedule, but being used to this doesn’t make it easier, just more rhythmic. Being overwhelmed makes me want to avoid various things I want to do and people I know are due a hello how are you phone call, and I think I’ve been letting that feeling sneak into my life a little too much. But here’s to one more weekend of escapism before hopefully more things start changing.

The gym is now an escape, an awesome one. I can finally fall into a real rhythm with running, I’ve been swimming (1600 meters! whew!) and biking a little bit. I was running last night through the safe and brightly lit neighborhood up here in SB, with a starlit night and silly pop music in my headphones, and it was a surprisingly peaceful moment. I’m feeling really rested and thankful this weekend, and having weekends makes the work week much easier.

As far as work goes, it’s been stressful. I’m in that part of a learning curve where I am noticing all the ways I can improve in dealing with irate customers, and there are a few. I want to improve and I am but this is the hard work, the ‘learning how to work around the overwhelming anxiety and timidity’ part. Its slow but uphill, the more I can resist shutting down or getting ADD distracted, the better it goes. Kevin and his coworkers are in the last few days of a 3 year earthquake probability mapping project. I’ll let him do a post about the finished project because only he can articulate it accurately, I’m terrible at it so I won’t try. But it’s very exciting, and they’ve put an amazing amount of work into this new thing. It’s been crunch week with emergency programming and Skype calls.

Any surprise Kevin was gifted with tickets to Disneyland? lol.

Anyway, I’m going inside to enjoy the Milner secret recipe homemade ice-cream, and chillax. On a final note, the hummingbird is still going nuts on this nectar. He sounds like a helicopter, and the petals on the ground below him start blowing away when he flies over them. Crazy! And there are still hundreds of moths. Ew.

The moment we can confidently start prepping for phase two of the big move, I’ll blog my home decor ideas :-).


With Love,


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