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Ok So It’s Kinda Getting To Me



I like this picture because it reflects how I feel these days… or at least how I look to Kevin during 99% of our conversations. Between the drives, the scares, the stresses, and wanting really really badly to start training seriously…. well I’m getting wiped out. But! One must stay strong!! I’m trying, i just freak out here and there.


Kevin’s back has been spasming, but thankfully there’s been some slow recovery. Here’s what he looks like when he’s walking and it’s acting up again:


Ok not really. But when it happened it was scary!!! I’m really glad he’s getting better.


Training, you say? Yes! I have decided that I want to race in a triathlon. Yikes!! But I enjoy running, I used to swim in middle school, and I can bike. So, as long as my Sadotti knees will let me, I’m going to train for running, swimming, and biking. I’ve been wanting to find a sport for me that I can really get into. I’ve been running, and a few coworkers have started a Tri club so that we can organize group workouts. I’m just at the beginning stages, but I’m really excited the more I read about it. While now I feel like the picture above, hopefully soon it’ll switch to this! :


I’ll have to run a 5k first. I’ll let you know when I run my first 5k!!!!!

It was Kevin’s 26th birthday on Tuesday, and I wish it could have been more eventful than it was. But, between the work situation and back hurts and life right now, unfortunately it was a quieter affair. Nate, Kevin and I went to celebrate at Umami burger, and at least I was able get the waiter to send over ice cream and pie for dessert! Kevin’s family all chipped in for his big present, a gift card to DISNEYLAND!!! So, even though the actual day was quieter than we wanted, hopefully soon we get to celebrate with Mickey :-).

As a last point… here’s what I look like today:



Love, SarahLaine

One comment on “Ok So It’s Kinda Getting To Me

  1. Christine
    June 21, 2012

    Love hearing that you want to begin training! Hang in there you two. This will be a fun story you will remember on your 30, 40th? Anniversary!

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