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First Circuit – Album Photoshoot and Listening BBQ


Kevin is in a few bands, and one of them had their album art photoshoot. I think it went well, especially when I got to sit quietly and knit for the first time in weeks while Kev got all cool and stuff, taking artistic pictures with the band. The band consists of Adam Kurtz, Emily P., Dustin Prince, and Jessica Fagre. The tone is eclectic and transient, with a lot of mood and guitar and beautiful music. I love the sound, and I wish I could explain it with more clarity. Their debut album name is still to be determined. We’re right in the middle of something really cool starting… Everyone loves kevin’s innovative pedal steel sounds, and I’ll admit Adam can wail on the guitar. I got to help style the cover image, shot by Daniel Bergeron.




Once its released I’ll definitely let everyone know, this is a good one :-).

Sarah Laine M

One comment on “First Circuit – Album Photoshoot and Listening BBQ

  1. Barbara Smith
    June 18, 2012

    I like this new blog and wish I could see Kevin play- maybe when I visit next time.-Mom

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