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We’re Living La Vida Limbo

Hello World! It’s a new blog 🙂

Sarah here. Kevin and I moved out of our apartment this weekend, and it’s been a bit of a trial on our sanity and energy. Journaling helps me, and this way I have a place to share our adventures, our creative endeavors, and our life updates.

Currently, we’re in an adventure named “Escrow” for this wonderful home in Los Angeles. Since the escrow is still in process, and our landlord at our apartment took our moving notice and found a new tenant asap, we decided to move out and chill in limbo between places until the escrow has closed. Our real estate saga I’ll describe in full later – I know I’ll want to give a full opinionated description but I want to wait until the end of the story before I go into full detail.

To start: a big thank you to Chris Milner & Barbara G Smith for invaluable moral and mental support, to Brian Milner for successfully managing to fit all of our belongings and hobbies and clutter and furniture into one storage pod, to Amy Steets, Nate Vaughan, Natalie Benitez, Sam Aviles, and Tayler Green for helping us pack and move out, and to the Pod People, for storing our worldly possessions.

So, now we no longer live in my old apartment. It’s alien and weird, I’ve been at that apartment for two years, and that’s the longest I’ve been in one place since Maryland. We knew the BMW guys across the street, our local Tamale lady Norma, and all our neighbors. I traded Christmas cards and sugar cookies, I had a jogging route all planned out, and I definitely felt settled there. But, it’s really good that we aren’t moving out at the same time that we’re moving in somewhere, that would be even more overwhelming than it already was.

Now we’re based in Laguna Beach (and couch surfing on late nights in LA), and we are SO SO SO looking forward to some R & R this weekend. Between tweaked neck muscles and migraines, we’ve earned it, and Kevin’s Grandy is being generously hospitable and letting us set up HQ in her guestroom.  I’ll update soon, stay tuned!

Much Love,

One comment on “We’re Living La Vida Limbo

  1. Barbara Smith
    June 18, 2012

    You actually sound very grounded about all this. Moving can be so stressful and I am appreciative of the weirdness of leaving “your place”. Hope it is not too long until the house/escrow is resolved and you can make a new nest. Keep blogging and knitting!!! Love Mom

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