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Plants On My Desk

Hi everyone! Here is a combo post – part update on how we’re doing in limbo status, and a “How I Did a Do It YourSelf” (HID a DIY). I moved all the plants that I wanted to save to my work desk so they can stay more stable until we can move permanently. By ‘my plants’ I mean my lily plant that probably won’t make it anyway b/c they apparently don’t last very well after the first bloom, and my terrariums. Here are my terrariums, inspired by many other Pinterest DIY terrariums.


The two in plastic medicine measuring cups are in water until the offshoots develop their own roots – this way you can just pinch off a branch and start a whole new plant! It’s odd, gardening at work, but they brighten my desk and my day :-).


Mason Jars & An Old Mug (anthropologie)
Plastic Nyquil measuring cups
Decorative Pebbles

Here is the link to the blog that I used for my method:

OK, back to work! Love,


One comment on “Plants On My Desk

  1. Barbara Smith
    June 18, 2012

    I remember that mug- in fact I think I got it for you!!! Glad it can brighten your desk !!-Mom

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